Walnut shells work wonders.  

While the walnut gets most of the praise and attention, its versatile shell has a plethora of uses. From a natural ingredient in facial scrubs to a polishing material for metal and brass, walnut shells can be used to displace high value raw materials as a filler, bring down costs, increase efficiencies, and boost sustainability efforts. Read on about some creative ways to utilize this sometimes-overlooked by-product. 

Lawn and garden care     

Want your landscaping and gardening materials to do double duty? Stock up on walnut shells. Affordable and biodegradable, walnut shells can be used for decorative landscaping, replacing less eco-friendly materials or herbicides. They can also be added to golf cart paths to help prevent buckling in adverse weather. 

When used as garden mulch, ground walnut shells help provide insulation to plants and retain soil moisture. They’re a natural weed suppressant and are commonly used under pine and oak trees on golf courses. As walnut shells gradually decompose, they add nutrients to the soil. 

Anti-slip material 

Want to use the natural grit of walnut shells to your advantage? Just mix with paint or varnish, and the walnut shells serve as a non-slip surface when applied to stairs, decks, and even roofs. This simple and low-cost ingredient can help make everything from home projects to industrial tasks safer. 

Natural abrasive cleaner 

What’s that material cleaning the airport tarmac? It could be ground walnut shells. Used as an alternative to glass or sand, walnut shells can clean a variety of surfaces including tarmac and engine parts. When crushed and ground into granular particles, the shells provide an effective abrasive that removes stains and grime without damaging surfaces. Since the used walnut shells are biodegradable, disposal is also made easy.  

Natural cage litter and bedding 

Looking for a natural pet bedding material or an alternative substrate to wood shavings or paper? Look toward crushed and ground walnut shells. The fibrous material of the walnut shell provides a natural bedding solution that is dust-free, safe, and soft, making it an excellent option for small pets like reptiles and birds.  

Unique ways our walnut shells are used 

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