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Why Walnut Shells Enhance Your Work

No matter your industry, you need reliable materials to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Enter walnut shells. Cost-effective and readily available, this all-natural raw material can be utilized in a wide range of industries to do everything from removing oil from water filtration systems to polishing fine jewelry. Read on to learn how you can put walnut shells to work for you. 

Walnut shells clean and refine 

A soft abrasive, walnut shells can be used to blast and polish an array of surfaces without any chemical processing. They’re also free of asbestos and heavy metals, ensuring an eco-friendly process. Refinishing log cabin siding? Walnut shells can remove old finish naturally without scratching or pitting the wood. Restoring a vintage car? Try walnut shells at the 18/40 grade. Need to polish rocks, gemstones, or ivory? Walnut shells in a fine grade can do that effectively.  

Walnut shells boost efficiency 

Because of their stable chemical properties, walnut shells are one of the most cost-saving media in use. When used in commercial water filtration, they can remove heavy metals, solids, and oils with up to 99% efficiency — and that extended durability can save even more. When utilized as fillers and extenders, their versatility and longevity enhance efficiency, whether they’re added to adhesives, ceramics, pigments, or something else. 

Because they’re made from an annually renewable natural resource, they’re readily available, meaning you won’t have to deal with supply chain bottlenecks and the costs that could accrue.  

Walnut shells demonstrate innovation 

Looking to stand out from the competition? Using this pesticide-free material in everything from toy fillers to pet cage bedding reveals a commitment to inventive approaches. You’ll be working with an ingredient that’s more durable than synthetic substances, more efficient than traditional materials, and more available than media subject to supply chain issues. Using walnut shells also shows a dedication to green practices. Eco-Shell holds multiple eco-friendly certifications, including EcoCert and ASO Cert, and grows and processes its biodegradable walnut shells sustainably. 

Walnut shells are easy to use 

In the oil industry and want to fix lost circulation problems? Walnut shells to the rescue. The biodegradable material can easily deal with operational problems related to drilling mud losses, and all without significantly changing mud properties. If you’re in the plastics industry, you can use walnut shells as filler material or as a decorative additive in everything from countertops to cups. Making things even easier: every single application is made to fit your process — simply contact us with your needs and we’ll supply you with a sample product for your research and development team. 

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