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Walnut Shells & Cosmetics: Good for the Skin, Good for the Earth

Want to help consumers attain more nourished skin? Looking for a nutrient-rich and eco-friendly ingredient for your cosmetics formulas? Enter walnut shells. 

Often used for their exfoliating and polishing properties, walnut shells have benefits that go beyond the surface. Read on to learn how this addition to your cosmetics formulas can boost skin health and help the planet at the same time. 

Walnut shells provide natural exfoliation and gentle abrasion    

Need a good exfoliant in your cosmetics formulas? Reach for walnut shells. Coarse in texture, this natural ingredient can be ground into fine powder and added to products such as scrubs and exfoliating cleansers. Once in its softer form, it helps slough away dead skin, dirt, and other impurities. The gentle abrasion works on sensitive skin, helping improve skin texture without causing excessive irritation. What’s left behind: a smoother, brighter complexion.

 Walnut shells help shrink pores and absorb oil  

When applied to cosmetics formulas such as facial scrubs, walnut shell powder can do more than reveal smoother skin. It can help reduce acne and red spots by unclogging pores, shrinking them in the process. What’s more, walnut shell powder has the natural ability to absorb excess oil, so users can turn down the shine and turn up the radiance. 

Walnut shells provide a non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative

Walnut shells? A natural ingredient gleaned from a renewable resource. Microbeads? Not so much. When you use walnut shells in your cosmetics formulations, you do more than infuse your products with a non-toxic, quality ingredient ideal for many skin types. You choose a biodegradable additive that’s produced sustainably in solar-run facilities and doesn’t harm aquatic ecosystems when rinsed off. This choice can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace, especially as more customers turn to green products for their own health and the health of the planet. 

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